Alexander & Sterling

Global Success since 1976 Exclusively Partners & Mergers

Why use an International “headhunter” ?

Why use a search consultant?  The vast majority of partners want a global search consultant who knows the business and knows about them in advance. There is a reason we are selected - We get results.  We have never had a breech of confidence.  Partners and Firms trust and respect Alexander & Sterling.


· Successful professional relationships with all managing partners at client firms.
· Significant data and website collection. (data collection, storage, and retrieval).
· Deep and confidential knowledge of partners and firms local and abroad (since 1976).
· Continuously updating knowledge on the people we are speaking with, their accomplishments, clients and reputation. 
· A&S is on the ground in the United States, Europe and Asia every day talking directly to partners. 
· To-date A&S has never had a breach of confidence. Personal information is never provided, without your expressed approval.
· Alexander and Sterling is on location globally every day, and has successfully completed partner searches at 80% of the top 20 global firms.

Experience doing partnership searches and firm mergers.  Alexander and Sterling has placed partners at 16 of the top 20 law firms in the US and the UK both on retainer and on contingency contracts.  We know law firms, their management strategies, areas of opportunity, expansion requirements, and specific needs; strengths. Trust, confidence, and professional service is our practice.